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General Questions

This is a list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information, or if you need support, please contact us. The best way to contact us is by posting on the Buckete forum.

What is Buckete?

Buckete is a buyer-driven marketplace where you first specify what you want at a price you want, and retailers bid to fulfill your order. In essence, Buckete combines the advantages of Priceline's "Name Your Own Price", a reverse bidding system, and the power of Groupon's group buy system into a single platform.

How do you guarantee quality?

Buckete only accepts qualified vendors on our platform and we will gather your feedback on sellers. Sellers who receive excessive negative ratings will be suspended of their bidding privilege or removed entirely from Buckete.com.

Is Buckete a free service?

Buckete does not charge either buyers or sellers. Groupbuy leaders may arrange to take a commission from sellers in some circumstances. Buckete does not earn a profit from anyone who wants to organize groupbuys.

Creating a Groupbuy

What is a Groupbuy?

A 'groupbuy' refers to a group of people who buy things together and enjoy a bulk discount. Anyone can create a groupbuy on buckete.com and anyone can join a groupbuy that's created by others.

How do I create a groupbuy?

Follow these three steps to create a groupbuy:

  1. Find what you want using our search bar. You can search for a product, a groupbuy, a groupbuy organizer or even a URL link. We have millions of products in our database. If you still cannot find the product you want, you can proceed to submit a suggestion for it. Just click "Add a product" button on the lower bottom of the landing page and follow instructions.
  2. Specify a price you would like to pay. For a reference price, please check the product details.
  3. Make a payment or deposit.

Joining a Groupbuy

How do I join a group buy?

Joining a group buy is simple. All you need to do is choose an existing groupbuy and click the "Join This Groupbuy" button. Follow the instructions to enter your information, and agree to the terms set by the groupbuy leader.

Why do I need to agree to the terms set by the 'leader'?

In order for you to get the best prices, vendors need to know the exact specifications. This also ensures you get the exact product you want, at the price you want.

Can I buy more than one of a product?

Yes. Just join the same groupbuy multiple times to buy multiple units of the same product.

What if I don’t like the terms set forth by the leader?

You may create your own "groupbuy" and become a leader yourself.

What if we don't get enough people join a groupbuy?

Even one person is considered a groupbuy. Sellers may still respond to you if the value of the groupbuy is large enough. For example, perhaps you create a groupbuy to buy a car – even if you're the only groupbuy member, it's a large-enough purchase to get sellers' attention. Of course, more people means more negotiation power and that usually leads to better prices.

After a groupbuy is successful

When does a groupbuy end?

A groupbuy ends immediately after at least one bid from a seller is received. If no bid is received, your groupbuy will end in 15 days by default.

What happens after a groupbuy is successful?

After a successful match, a coupon will be emailed to you with instructions on how to claim your product at a discounted price. For smaller items, you will simply receive an email containing the tracking number of your item once it ships. In this case, your groupbuy organizer often acts as the seller of your item. He or she may place an order with the vendor of the product immediately after the groupbuy ends. After the products have arrived, your groupbuy organizer will break down the crates of products, repackage everything, and ship out everyone’s individual orders.

Are Buckete groupbuys guaranteed to end successfully if a bid is received?

In most cases, yes. However, in some rare situations, a seller may "withdraw" their bid. For example, the item you have ordered may be out of stock. If this happens, your groupbuy leader should notify you of any alternative arrangements. You will also get a full refund in these cases.

Can I cancel a created groupbuy or leave a group before a groupbuy is ended?

Yes. You can cancel any groupbuy you've created or joined before it ends. Just go to "My Account —> Groupbuys —> Cancel".

Can I cancel a groupbuy I've started or joined after it has ended?

No. Unfortunately, we can’t cancel or refund deposits after the groupbuy has ended because the money has been sent to vendors already.

What happens if my groupbuy isn't fulfilled? Do I get my money back?

Yes. Actually, you won’t be charged in the first place, as we charge you only if the groupbuy is successful.

How do I check on the status of my order?

Go to "My account —> Groupbuys" and click on "View Details." You may also contact your groupbuy organizer or the seller of your product for the latest status.


When am I charged?

You are only charged when the groupbuy ends. Buckete only collects the money (from PayPal or your credit card company) after the groupbuy has ended.

How much will I be charged?

You will be charged the final price. The final price is the lowest bid from sellers. It is always equal or less than the price you requested when you created or joined the groupbuy.

My payment has not been charged successfully

If we are unable to collect money from the payment method provided, you will be provided a "grace period" of 24 hours to submit another payment method. Please go to "My Account —> Groupbuys —> Pay" to see the time remaining in your grace period and resubmit your payment. If 24 hours have passed and you have not resubmitted the payment, you will be dropped from the groupbuy.

How will the purchase appear on my bank statement?

Your purchase will appear as a generic transaction for your purchase amount to buckete.com.


When will my item ship?

Every groupbuy has different shipping times. Estimated delivery time is normally available in the instructions area of the groupbuy or on your Buckete voucher. Your groupbuy organizer or the winning seller should be able to provide you more details.

What is the shipping cost?

By default, small items will be shipped via free ground shipping. Large items are delivered for free by truck, and are arranged via the seller. Unless otherwise stated, standard ground shipping is included in the final price you have received. You may contact winning merchants directly if you wish to upgrade to expedited shipping. Extra costs may be incurred.

How long does shipping take?

That depends on many factors. For smaller items, it normally takes 3-5 business days after the shipment is received by your groupbuy organizer. Keep in mind that many small items are purchased from abroad and it takes a bit longer, as products have to clear customs and are delivered by the local country's postal service.

Tracking number

When the item ships, you will receive an email from buckete.com. That email will include shipment tracking information and an estimated arrival date.

Delivery Preparation

For large items like pianos, dealers will call you to schedule a date and time for delivery. Please make sure that someone 18 or older is at home to receive the shipment. For smaller purchases, your item will be delivered like a normal package. Please let the groupbuy organizer know if you would like additional services, such as delivery confirmation.

After Receiving Your Item

Is Buckete an authorized seller of each product? Do you offer product warranties?

Buckete is NOT an e-commerce website. Buckete is a forum for potential buyers to organize group buys by themselves. Buckete does not own, sell or control the selling of any of the products listed on buckete.com. All warranties, product defects, or malfunctions should be handled directly with the manufacturer.

What is the Buckete return policy?

Unfortunately, we do not accept returns for the products that you purchase on our site. Any returns or refund requests must be made directly to the seller who sold you the item, independent of buckete.com.

Can I exchange an item?

Buckete does not accept any exchange requests. Please remember that Buckete is just a forum to facilitate groupbuys. If you have any issue with the product you bought, please contact the seller who sold you the item directly, independent of buckete.com.

Genuine Products Guaranteed

Buckete only allows the groupbuying of new and unopened products. All sellers must also be authorized by the manufacturer.

With used products, there is no objective standard to measure the level of "wear and tear" a particular item has experienced, so we have stayed out of the used products industry.

More Questions

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