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About us

About us

Buckete started from an idea of one of our cofounders. In 2012, he graduated from a school in New York and wanted to move closer to work, so he called up a few moving companies for a price quote. Surprisingly, he got all kinds of different prices, despite having described exactly what needed to be moved.

He didn't like that. He thought, "why can't I just tell these companies exactly what I want, and have them bid for the opportunity to serve me?"

Immediately, he realized what a powerful concept he had uncovered. He started pursuing it shortly afterwards and that marked the beginning of Buckete.com.

As of July 2014, just a few months after we launched buckete.com, we had already helped hundreds of customers in purchasing pianos, cars, and other items at extremely good prices. We are actively improving our website to better serve every customer; our goal is to make your shopping experience fun, easy, and of course, you should always get the best deals.


Yaobid Inc.
97 E. Brokaw Rd. Suite 300, San Jose, CA 95112
Tel: 516.777.0588
Contact UsLife is to be enjoyed - Shopping too!




Fresh graduate

“ I started working at buckete while I was still a junior university student. I'm very proud of being a member of buckete early team. ”



I have worked many places before joining buckete. I really enjoy working here.

“ After countless nights of coding, we finally launched buckete. For a coder, nothing is a better reward than knowing people are using your site.”



Worked in design related field for a few years before joining buckete.

“ Buckete is a small family like company. I really enjoy working here every day. ”


We are actively looking for new people to join our small team. We don't have much funding and we have a very frugal CEO, so don't expect to get paid very well. However, we deeply believe in the potential of our unique business model and ourselves in executing it. If you share the same vision and you are a hard worker, then you may be a good fit for buckete.

Available positions:


Job responsibilities:

  1. Influence potential customers and disseminate buckete groupbuys.
  2. Produce product reviews and make product recommendations.
  3. Engage with our community members on forums and chats.

Job requirements:

  1. Demonstrated influential power
  2. Sensitive to product trends and understand our target customers very well

This is a commission based part time job. Remote work is also considered. Please email your cover letter and resume to hr@buckete.com

Product Associate

Job responsibilities:

  1. Discovering the best products from all over the world.
  2. Manage buckete product polls.

Job requirements:

  1. Familiar with cosmetics and snacks, especially those from Asian countries.
  2. Understand our target users very well and know how to influence them

Please email your resume with a cover letter to hr@buckete.com

Marketing Associate

Job responsibilities:

  1. Develop new marketing channels and optimize current ones.
  2. Plan and execute marketing campaigns.
  3. Branding strategy.

Job requirements:

  1. Creativity - demonstrated with examples.
  2. Passion .
  3. Good writing skills.
  4. Experience in dealing with young Chinese overseas students.
  5. Experience in online marketing, SEO and social media.
  6. Bachelor’s degree in relevant field.

Please email your resume with a cover letter to hr@buckete.com